Have you ever wanted to see what is happening in your business or Home while you are away? With First Call Communications and Axis Surveillance Cameras now you can. These Cameras are IP network based which allow recording of events to a server as well as live view on and off site even using the internet connection on your smart phone.

With Axis IP Cameras, you can have excellent HDTV Capable views even outdoors in Wyoming's Harsh Environments. These versions are outdoor rated to 40 Below zero so you will be viewing and recording even on the harshest days.

We also offer still cameras as well as indoor and outdoor Pan-tilt-zoom cameras with up to 20X optical zoom allowing you the ability to catch virtually every detail necessary in your location.

With the Axis Network cameras, you will have live views of your business or home wherever you have internet access. Not only that, if you want to view a recording, that can be loaded remotely as well. Contact us today in Riverton & Casper, WY!